Virtual Assistant: Why I Offer Free Consultations

You’re great at what you do but the time-consuming tasks of being a creative entrepreneur are bogging you down. You know you need help but how do you find the right person?

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It’s scary. I get it.

You have questions but how do you get them answered unless we talk?

From my persepective, at first I thought it would be risky to offer free consultations (lose my time = money). But I’ve booked almost every potential client I’ve spoken with.

And those I didn’t book, I think I left a favorable impression with and hopefully we’ll work together someday. Or they’ll refer me to their contacts. Or I made an online friend and we can support each other with Retweets, Likes, and Shares :)

I have yet to speak with anyone but amazing entrepreneurs.

With a free consultation, we get to feel each other out. Do we have the same work ethic? Do we “click”? Do we laugh at the same jokes? Do you mind if I sometimes quote 80s movies?

What about my rates? Is there room for negotiation? Are there packages? Yep. But we need to talk it through.

Do I believe in your mission? Do you believe I can effectively help you?

How are we going to know unless we talk? So don’t be shy. If you’re serious about working with a VA, give me a shout out via my contact page and we’ll get a 15-30 minute chat scheduled.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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