How To Easily Add AND Collect Testimonials for Your WordPress Website or Blog

If you’re a service provider or have a product-based business, including testimonials on your site is a great way to instill confidence in potential clients. By linking to your past/current clients’ websites, it’s also a nice little “thank you” for their business by potentially directing traffic to them. If you have WordPress, this is easier to do than you think – just use a plug-in!

In the past, I used a plug-in called Handsome Testimonials. Here’s a screen shot of how it looked then:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.30.18 PM

I liked the way it allowed me to choose the colors for each background. It was fairly easy to figure out how to implement but, honestly, each time I’d go back to add a testimonial a few months later, I’d forget how to do it. It was nice but not super intuitive.

One weird thing was that ever since I started using the plug-in, my site would have malicious files installed on it. Twice in the last year, it was bad enough that my web host shut my site down and the charge is $50 each time to repair it (not to mention the hit to my perceived professionalism when my site is down).

I’m not saying it was the Handsome Testimonials plug-in that was causing my site problems but I wanted to find a new testimonial plug-in just in case. Also, I hoped to find one that allowed my clients to add a testimonial themselves.

I did some Googling, then some searching within my WordPress site. (How to: Go to Plugins, Add New, and you can search “testimonials” to see many of the options you can install, including ratings, how many sites it’s currently being used on, and if it’s compatible with your version of WordPress).

I looked at a few and the new testimonial I chose is called Strong Testimonials. Here’s a screen shot of how they look now:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.33.21 PM

This new plug-in was super easy to implement. I just copy/pasted the verbiage from my existing testimonials to the new setup. I easily uploaded each person’s photo which were already in my gallery. And away we go!

My new Testimonials page is right here. I kept the look very simple but there are options I can play around with later to refine the styling. Please tell me what you think! Is it easily viewable on your computer or device?

Clients can even add their own testimonials! They no longer have to go through me to do it. My old procedure was to have them e-mail their comments to me, I’d grab a photo from my files or their site (with permission), then e-mail them again with questions, and again when it was posted so they could approve it. This way is MUCH easier and more efficient for both of us.

I love that the form they fill in is totally customizable so I can add the fields I want/require and even ask questions that will prompt the kind of information I hope they’ll post.

When a client posts a testimonial, it isn’t automatically posted to my Testimonials page. First, I get an e-mail saying that a new one has been submitted, I review it, makes sure the links work, etc., then I approve it to go live on my site – AND send a big THANK YOU to the lovely client who posted it :)

If having customer or client testimonials would add to your business, I strongly suggest installing a WordPress plug-in like Strong Testimonials. It’s free and super easy.

Weekly Round-Up by VA 04-12-15

Here’s a round-up of some finds from around the web this week. Just some things for creative entrepreneurs / solopreneurs about social media, working at home, living a creative life, and other things you might find helpful or interesting.

I noticed that The Good Creative: 18 Ways to Make Better Art is FREE for Kindle right now.

From the description on Amazon:

You’re creative. You dream and plan and make stuff – all the time. And whether that “stuff” is a book, a startup, or abstract crayon art on the bathroom wall, you have a nagging feeling that you could take your work further. Do it better. Become more successful.

In The Good Creative, I outline the 18 habits of the world’s most respected artists. It’s a concise, invigorating manifesto for creative pursuits of every kind.

Happy reading!

I know we creatives love our Macs. Have you heard about the new Macbook Pro? I’m not a total techie but – in this review by Mashable – it sounds pretty impressive to me! For me, it would be hard to get used to 1 USB and also to the new keyboard – I type a TON as a transcriptionist. But those are risks I’m willing to take for something this pretty . . . oh, and functional!

I love this article by called “10 Introvert-Friendly Offline Marketing Ideas for Your Blog + Business” – great tips!

Have you been seeing these cool text masks around the interwebs lately? Me too! Wanna’ make them yourself? Me too! Check out PicMonkey’s text mask tutorial.

One last thing . . . do you have Testimonials on your site? As a service provider, it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. I finally sat down and tested out a few WordPress testimonial plug-ins. My favorite and the one I chose is called Handsome Testimonials. I only had time to add 2 testimonials for my virtual assistant services so far but I think they look pretty good, don’t you?

Have a great week!