Review of “Hello Post” by Honizukle Press

One of the best things about being a virtual assistant to creative entrepreneurs is that I get to work with super rockin’ clients like Kimberly Costa.

Not only is she an amazing web designer but she also has an online letterpress shop, “Honizukle Press” (pronounced like ‘honeysuckle’). And now she’s launching a monthly subscription box with her awesome letterpress products called “Hello Post.”

Kimberly was kind enough to send me a box from the first shipment so I could check it out. We’re going to be working together on marketing for her Honizukle Press and Hello Post.

I was so excited to receive my Hello Post! Don’t you just love getting something purely fun in the mail as a break from bills and ads? GET OUT! Me too!

So here’s the cute box that Hello Post arrived in.



When I opened it up, I was greeted with aqua sparkly tissue paper that made me smile :) There aren’t many problems in the world that aqua sparkly tissue won’t solve, am I right?DSCN7663


Underneath, you can see the happy yellow crinkle paper. Between the perfectly-sized box, the tissue, and the crinkle paper, Hello Post is packaged so well. It’s pretty AND functional; all the products were in perfect condition with no bent corners, wrinkles, or tears.DSCN7664


Here are all the items spread out so you can get a better look. Counterclockwise from top right: A cute little paper bag sealed with washi and containing 3 custom-made sticker sheets (10 stickers total); a letterpress thank you card w/envelope; a letterpress Mother’s Day card w/envelope; and a set of personalized notecards and envelopes, tied with silvery twine.DSCN7667


Is this cool or what? Thick white notecards with my name letterpressed in a gorgeous green color (can you tell from my website that I love green?). They have a nice clear storage box to keep them in great shape until I’m ready to send one to a special friend or client. It’s really hard to choose but I think this is my favorite item in the Hello Post box.DSCN7668

There were 8 of the personalized notecards and 8 envelopes. Here’s another look at the stickers – which you can use as envelope seals – and I forgot to mention the adorable flair button that was also included! Did you notice that both greeting cards were in clear sleeves as well? Kimberly really covered every detail, didn’t she?



Lookie, lookie at the gorgeous sea green letterpress on “my” notecards. I love the mix of the pretty script font on top with the more straightforward font on the bottom and the 5 dots underneath add that special touch. I can’t believe you get 8 personalized items with each Hello Box.



My photos just can’t do these cards justice. So so pretty! I wish you could see the depth in the letterpress like it shows in person. You can run your fingers over it and it’s so special, so classy, so perfect for my mama.



Both of the greeting cards had a colorful “Honizukle Press” letterpress mark on the back. So when someone receives one of these cards from me, they’ll know where to go and order their own. Perfect :)



I got another sweet surprise when I opened the envelope for the Mother’s Day card. Look at that gorgeous print lining the envelope! My goodness, I just love all these special touches and can’t believe (don’t kill me, Kimberly) that she doesn’t charge more for these boxes plus includes free shipping.


If you’re wondering about getting Hello Post for yourself or as a gift, this is what is sent each month:

Hello Post will come right to your door in a lovely, custom designed box that will include a set of 8 personalized, letterpress stationery & envelopes, 2 greeting cards and 10 custom designed stickers to seal all of your correspondence.

Check out this animated video Kimberly made about Hello Post:

Yep, she MADE that herself. This lady is mad talented, people! And I’m not just kissing up because she’s my client and fellow B-Schooler :D

So that’s my review of the Hello Post monthly box. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about Kimberly’s products or my virtual assistant services, don’t hesitate to ask, love <3