Social Media Manager: It’s a HUGE Job . . . But Somebody’s Gotta’ Do It

As a virtual assistant, I do social media management for my clients. So, of course, this infographic from the Magnet Media Labs blog really caught my eye:

{You can click on the 4 arrows in the bottom right to see it better}

Yes, a social media manager sure earns her pay, don’t you think? Because the “Land of Social” is worldwide and literally 24/7, there’s not much time for sleep!

As it works out, I’m connected to my computer and/or iPhone around the clock and don’t sleep much. That’s one reason social media management is a great job for me, and why I’m an asset to my clients. Don’t worry, I don’t cost anywhere near what the chart shows ;)

I’m not one for over-sharing personal information on social media but I *DO* enjoy helping solopreneurs and entrepreneurs use social media to grow their businesses. I love to watch the metrics and see how we can most effectively use all of these free tools at our disposal. It’s like a challenge for me to increase followers, get more engagement, and make sales for clients.

Making Facebook posts here, sharing Instagram pics there, sending out the occasional newsletter with a coupon is one thing. Any business owner can do that, sure. But being a social media manager is much more.

An SMM has only 1 job {not 1,000, like the owner does} and they focus on it wholeheartedly. They’re educated in the various social media platforms, blogging, and e-mail marketing – and know how to use them to their fullest advantage. Social media managers find YOUR “ideal customer”, analyze the data, figure out what engages/sells – and then does more of it.

And that’s why it’s so beneficial to hire virtual assistants like me to manage your social media. We know what we’re doing and are worth our weight in gold.

Social media managers enjoy engaging, sharing, writing, talking, and helping. It’s fun but it’s hard work, too, if you’re doing it right.

Hey, it’s a huge job . . . but somebody’s gotta’ do it ;)

PS: If *you* need a social media manager or would just like to talk about what we could accomplish together, please contact me HERE or on Twitter @VACreatively!

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