Social Media is Great for Business but How Do You Stay Consistent with It?

I guess this is kind of a funny question coming from a virtual assistant, huh? One of the services I provide is social media – anything from posting, monitoring, and research to scheduling.

And yet, for my own business, being consistent on social media is one of my biggest marketing struggles. On principle alone, I refuse to hire another VA to do this VAs social media :P I’m determined to improve my own habits. Social media is so great for any business but here are the top 3 reasons I want to improve my use of it:

1. Getting myself “out there” is a great way to find potential clients.

2. I’ve learned so much about online business and marketing in the last couple of years. I love sharing that knowledge by answering questions or posting helpful things on social media.

3. I’m not one who needs a lot of Followers to feel good about herself (heh) but they’re good for business. The more people who see what I post, the more potential clients it could lead to. Also, having more posts and followers adds credibility. If I’m asking to do YOUR social media, shouldn’t I appear to be blowing up my own?

My main struggle is time. It’s not that I don’t enjoy or want to do my social media, it’s that I’m – what do they call that? – time deficient. Ha, that’s a way of saying I’m busy, right? As a service provider, I tend to put my clients’ business needs above my own. I know, I know . . . boundaries, Erika! But it’s so hard to restrain myself sometimes. I love my work and helping creative entrepreneurs do awesome things!

Photo by:  William Iven

So what I need to do is figure out and implement a systemized approach to my own social media for VA Creatively. I use Hootsuite (for myself and clients) but it doesn’t do everything I need it to and it saves a lot of time but still takes a lot of time. It’s on my list to check out Buffer which is another social media scheduler I hear great things about. I’d also love to use Edgar but I need proof that the ROI is there for $50/month. Is it going to MAKE me more than $600/year or save me enough hours of my valuable time to justify its high cost?

These are things I’m still evaluating and one of the reasons I’m looking forward to an upcoming online boot camp by creative blogger April Bowles Olin. It runs for free from 9/29 to 10/30/15 on CreativeLive – that’s a 30- to 60-minute daily online class. It’s called Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing. I looked at the syllabus and was happy to see that the last module is called “Promoting Your Business on Social Media without Spending All Your Time on Social Media.” I’m so stoked about this course that I’m participating in April’s blog tour (see more info below).

If this is something you’d like to learn about too, join me for April’s class starting in 6 days. Just go HERE to RSVP for the free class and they’ll send you a reminder. During the live-recorded portion of the class, there’ll be a lively chat going on so if you join in, please say “hi”. My username there is VACreatively_Erika :) Happy learning, creative entrepreneurs!

This post is a part of the Double Your Followers blog tour to spread the word about April Bowles-Olin’s upcoming CreativeLive course. Does hearing the word ‘marketing’ make your armpits start to drip with anxiety? Are you terrified of sounding salesy or like you have the personality of a dead blowfish? If so, come join me and 2,500+ entrepreneurs who’re taking April’s latest CreativeLive course, Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing. You can RSVP and watch for FREE. Yep, free. High fives, wildflowers, wine samples. Who doesn’t love free?


11 thoughts on “Social Media is Great for Business but How Do You Stay Consistent with It?

  1. Hey, Erika!

    Nice to “meet ” you, and I’m trying the exact social media apps you are. I tried Edgar for a month and loved the way it works, but most of my visits were still from Pinterest, so why pay for Edgar when Facebook isn’t doing me much good?

    I’m looking forward to April’s advice too! See ya there.


    • Hi Lucy – Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you, too :) Glad to hear I’m not alone with the managing social media dilemma. Great point about Edgar. You’re smart to evaluate the actual results and see if it’s paying off. See you in class!

  2. This is such a common problem for EVERYONE (that I know of, anyhow)! It’s really tough to juggle social media with all the other responsibilities. I do love Buffer myself — it makes it super simple and fast. Then I use Tailwind for Pinterest.

    I’ve found that simply starting by setting apart 5-10 min each day to be active on social media is a huge boost and will build habits. Sometimes I do it from my bed when I just wake up or when I’m going to sleep. ;)

  3. Hi Erika! I’m also on April’s blog tour and I can definitely relate to your post (although I think you’re far more organized than me). Looking forward to connecting with you on the bootcamp! :-)

  4. I’m wanting to learn these things too! What I’ve done is invest in Edgar for one month during the launch of my Kickstarter. But I know it’s going to be hard to give it up after I get so spoiled to having eight arms… erm tentacles. ;)

  5. I think it’s REALLY important to schedule things in batches as much as possible. I work a full-time 9-5 at a digital marketing agency currently in addition to my own business. (Plus, I’m currently running the social media for a local conference too!) I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I didn’t schedule things out in batches.

    I schedule posts natively for Facebook, using their built-in scheduling tool. For my own Twitter, I use the free version of Hootsuite to schedule content. If I’m scheduling tweets about my latest blog post, I schedule multiple tweets over the course of the next few months, so I’m always driving traffic back to my older blog posts.

    For Pinterest (my biggest social channel), I recently upgraded to the paid version of Tailwind to help me schedule plenty of content out in advance. I was using the free version for awhile and loved it, and since Pinterest is my site’s biggest traffic source, it was worth it to me to pay for it.

    For Instagram, I’ve been using Dropbox as a way to help me schedule and plan my content. I upload photos and text documents with my captions, both saved with dated file names. If I’m planning an Instagram post for September 29, I’ll name the photo and text file both 9_29_instagram or something similar and then add them to Dropbox. I have the Dropbox app on my phone so it makes it easy to save the image and copy & paste the caption into Instagram.

    I hope that helps!

  6. Time deficient is a great term! I also use some other features of social media sites for prepping what I want to use later. On pinterest, I can quickly like/heart things and then when I’m on a bigger screen can weed out bad links or things that aren’t credited properly. When I actually pin them, I un-heart them to keep track of where I’m at. Not exactly what it’s for though. I also tried using secret boards to stack up potential pins, but haven’t been following through and moving them to public boards as I should.

  7. YES – time can be such an issue for busy women! I find that I absolutely have to have a schedule and a plan, and I also spend time every morning reviewing tasks for the day to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I think discipline and consistency are key in managing a busy life!

  8. It’s funny how we can help others all day long, but then when it comes to helping ourselves, it’s a whole different ball game. I’ve struggled with client boundaries a lot of the past year, so I’m really hoping that I can put my foot down and implement the things we learn in April’s class.

  9. I have a love-hate relationship with social media too. It helps me grow my business, but there are so many different platforms, and it seems like a new one is released every day. I’ve gotten the best results by spending most of my time on just 2 social media platforms where my potential clients hang out (Facebook and Pinterest).

  10. Looks like lots of us struggle with this! And I totally feel you. For me personally, I’ve decided that I can either really dive into a couple of platforms, or spread myself too thin by trying to be everywhere doing everything. I follow a similar routine to many of the others listed here.

    Normally I try to fill up my Tailwind account in one fell swoop for my week of Pinterest posting to my own account, and then pop in here and there throughout the week to manual post to groups boards. Buffer takes care of Twitter … I try to share a automate good amount of other content that I’ve curated through Feedly, as well as some links of my own here and there. That way I can just get on Twitter during the day to mainly engage, retweet, and have conversations. Instagram seems more on the spot for me right now, and I haven’t been able to do much planning ahead there. Excited to see what not strategies I learn during class!

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