Social Media: How to Post Your Evergreen Tweets with Hootsuite

Evergreen content is a quote, link, comment, question, blog post, etc. that isn’t time sensitive and, therefore, can be used for marketing again and again.

So it follows that an evergreen Tweet is one that can be used over and over.

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I’ve discovered an easy way to utilize evergreen Tweets with the help of a special feature of Twitter along with the social media scheduler in Hootsuite. I believe the bulk scheduler is only available in Hootsuite Pro.

First, you need to download your Twitter archive. Instructions for how to do that are HERE at the Twitter Help Center. Just a heads up that it can take a few days to get your archive, so allow time for this.

Depending on how long and how active you’ve been on Twitter, it could take some time to go through your archive but that’s what you need to do next. Delete any Tweets that were time sensitive (e.g., a sale or special offer you shared) or that no longer represent your business or persona.

When you’re done and have a list of your “evergreen” Tweets, you (or your virtual assistant) can create a .csv file with them, add or update hashtags, and make sure they conform to the 140-character limit. (Twitter may be lifting this limit soon, by the way).

Then in Hootsuite, use the bulk scheduler to schedule all your evergreen Tweets at once. HERE is Hootsuite’s Help File on that process. There’s also a video on the Hootsuite blog HERE if you’re a visual learner like I am :)

I hope this Twitter hack saves you time and increases your presence on social media! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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