Social Media: How to Create Lists on Twitter

I’ve been using my @ErikaFriday account on Twitter for awhile now.  It’s fun finding new people and businesses to Follow!  I Follow those who have similar interests to me (like crafts, books, and travel) and those who align with my business (virtual assistants, authors, social media, online taste makers, fellow B Schoolers, etc.).

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One thing I’ve found already, even with only Following 227 accounts, is that I often have to hunt for Tweets I’m really interested in because some Tweeters are so (too?) prolific!  There are accounts I Follow that seemingly Tweet several times an hour throughout the day.  It’s a bit much.

On the other hand, I don’t want to Unfollow them because they do have information I’m interested in or need for work.  So I wondered if there was a way to not lose track of these accounts while removing their constant Tweets from my stream.  I found a solution:  TWITTER LISTS!

I created a List for each grouping; for instance “VA book promo” to keep track of the companies that are of value to my author clients (the VA stands for virtual assistant, which is MY business).

Here’s how to create a List:

1. Go to your own Profile page.

2. Click on Lists.

3. Click on Create a New List.

4. Enter the List Name, Description, and Public or Private.

5. Click Save List

Voila! You just created a List.  Easy peasy.

My next step was to add those prolific Tweeters to my lists:

1.  Go to your own Profile page.

2. Click on Following.

3. Next to the account you want on your list, click the gear icon.

4. Add or remove from list.

5. Tick the box next to the List you want them on (you can tick multiple boxes).

6. Click to “X” out of the form.

Voila again! You just added someone to your List.  Lemon squeezy.

Finally, if you want to remove anyone’s “noise” from your feed, just find them again in Following and click the Follow box to make it Unfollow.

I spent about an hour creating lists this morning and it feels so great, like a good housecleaning! {Be careful … it’s kind of addicting!} Now when I go to my Twitter feed, I’m only seeing the Tweets I’m really looking for and yet I’m still keeping track of business resources in the background for when I need them. Also, when I’m in the mood to read about travel or crafts or connect with some B Schoolers, I just click on that List I’ve created and have tons of posts at my fingertips.

I hope you find that helpful!

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