Okay, I’m Just Going to Come Out and Ask You This

What would make you read this blog? And what products or services do you need?

As you can see, I’m new here. Not new to blogging (I have another blog that’s 7 years old with 1,100 posts) but new to blogging about these topics:

– Social Media
– Blogging
– Working from Home
– Virtual Assistants
– Solopreneurs, etc.

I started this website to have a home for my virtual assistant | blog helper | transcribing biz. But I decided to include an active blog about the related topics above as well. I’m super excited about writing here and (hopefully!) creating a community with people of the same interests. I also hope to be a resource for anyone looking for information – maybe you’re thinking about starting an at-home biz, wondering about the latest change to Facebook, or looking for cool work-at-home wear.

I want to be your Go-to-Girl :)

Since it’s early days, I figured it was the perfect time to ask:

vac whatwouldmakeyou

It’s also the perfect time to ask for input because I’m taking part in Blogelina’s 50 COMMENTS EVENT. I’m currently getting about 40 views a day (and I got my first Comment, yay! LOL). But during the 50 Comments Event, I’ll have the chance to gather some great input. And what’s more important as I start up this blog than finding out what YOU want to read about?

So, in Comments, please let me know: What would make you read this blog?

Some examples, just to get your juices flowing:
– Latest social media news
– Where to find work-at-home jobs
– How to become a . . . transcriber, virtual assistant, affiliate marketer, _______________
– Interviews with movers and shakers in these industries
– Deals on services, programs, or books that will help bloggers, business owners, virtual assistants, or ______________

One thing I already know is this: There will be humor. And sarcasm. They come naturally and are free of charge :P

Another question:

vac whatproducts

What is missing in your life or business? In other words, is there a topic you want to know more about and would, say, maybe buy an affordable e-book or online course about? Do you need graphics, headers, or help with your blog? What subject(s) would you like pointers about?

I want to be helpful to YOU. I want to provide content that you’ll read. I want to have a blog that you put in your reader or come back to often. I want to write about things that will provoke you to leave comments.

So I decided to just come out and ask you: What would make you read this blog? And what product or service do you need? I look forward to hearing from you!

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5 thoughts on “Okay, I’m Just Going to Come Out and Ask You This

  1. All the things you list sound good. One thing I can think of that I know I do need is resume prep. I haven’t worked for over two years because I’m at home with the kids, but I haven’t done anything to my resume since College, which was 10 years ago. I don’t even know where to start, although I still have my resume from back in the day and I got a copy of my company resume before I left listing all the projects, positions, tasks, etc. I did for them hoping it’d help when the day comes that a resume will be needed once again.

    • Hi Anne! Thanks for the great idea to write about resume’ prep. Mine is very basic; I just do quick updates when I needed. I’ve noticed in recent years much “fancier” resume’s and it’ll be fun to look into that. I also see a lot of us utilizing LinkedIn which is like an online resume’. I wonder when those doing hiring will ask primarily for your LinkedIn instead of a resume’?

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! I’m actually a VA and Social Media Manager too. I also do freelance writing and I guess that’s what I want to know more about. I’d like to find out where to get legit writing jobs without having to go through Odesk, Elance and all those sites where you need to bid for a project.

    • Hi there Janice ~ Yay, another VA and SMM! Glad to meet ya’. Great idea to write about . . . writing :) I avoid Odesk and Elance when searching for VA work. I have some ideas on this topic. Thanks again!

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