My Review of New Kajabi (and Can I Help?)

One thing I really enjoy doing as a virtual assistant and consultant is helping clients strategize what tech solutions will work best for their business. Considerations can be things like: ease of use, cost, features, aesthetic, and growth. I come by this knowledge not only because I investigate and learn about the available options for my clients, but also to utilize them in my own business.

For instance, my latest discovery is what I call a “business in a box” solution named New Kajabi. I think it’s a fantastic way to consolidate your website and all of your offerings into one place for one cost, and then enjoy the ease and simplicity that brings. I wanted to share New Kajabi with you and offer my services if you’d ever like assistance with it, so here’s my review and how I can help. Enjoy!

What is New Kajabi?

Nothing explains a product better than its own website so I’ll just pull some text from the the New Kajabi* (“Kajabi”) website. *This is my referral link and I want to share it right up front because if you sign up through me, you get 15% off for as long as your account remains active! (Further disclosure: All links below are my referral links).


New Kajabi: Overview

All the tools you need under one roof:

Online courses and membership sites

Kajabi makes it easy to turn your knowledge and content into products you can sell.

Landing pages

Create beautiful high-converting landing pages in minutes.
Pick from our library of beautiful templates
Email opt-in pages, video value pages, webinar registration pages, launch pages, sales pages, thank you pages, and more…

Marketing e-mails

Send emails to your prospects and customers from right inside Kajabi

Your entire website

Choose from a variety of gorgeous website templates to showcase your brand and products.

Sell more with a store

Built-in blog

Collect payments

Powerful analytics

Always know how your business is doing with powerful analytics and reporting.

Customize Everything

Point-and-click simple or go under the hood
We realize no two people or businesses are the same. Your site and products should reflect your brand and you shouldn’t be limited by a set of cookie cutter looks.

Endless integrations

Google Analytics
Active Campaign

As you can see, Kajabi is an “all-in-one” solution to running an online business, selling courses or a product, and more. You may be wondering how it differs from other solutions out there, so I’ll break it down a bit.

Because it’s a one-stop-shop, it costs more than other choices you may see as similar – like Teachable, Thinkific, etc. The difference here is that Kajabi includes everything you need under one roof so, while the cost may appear high on the surface, you’ll see the value when you realize you can use Kajabi and get rid of almost ALL your other paid services.

Here’s a list of examples of the services – and COSTS – you can ditch if you use New Kajabi:

  • Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy
  • LeadPages, ThriveLeads
  • Mailchimp, AWeber, ConvertKit
  • WordPress themes, builders, paid plugins and popups
  • Tech person or developer
  • Website hosting and security

Yep, if you take advantage of using a custom domain through Kajabi, they’ll even host your site for you, saving you the hosting fees you currently pay (you do still need to pay for your domain and you’ll utilize a free CloudFlare account). Note: A custom domain means your site would be http://(URL).com instead of http://(kajabi site name)

New Kajabi: My Review

I’m a recent Kajabi convert (Kajabi Konvert?) since I discovered it in December 2016. I’d been avoiding checking out any other all-in-one systems because I was very happy with Simplero (and still love Simplero!). But after hearing Kajabi mentioned yet again by B-Schoolers, I decided to check it out. I got a free trial account and starting playing around with it, to see what the possibilities were. Um, pretty much EVERYTHING! It truly does it all.

Like anything else, New Kajabi has a learning curve. So I sat down one day and went through all the videos in Kajabi University (free/included with account). I had the videos open in one window and my trial Kajabi account open in another, then I just replicated or poked around in whatever topic Kenny (one of the owners) was demonstrating in the video. By the end of that process, I had a pretty good understanding of how it all works.

After that, for anything else I’ve wanted to do in Kajabi, I’ve either:

  • Re-watched just that video
  • Looked it up in the help files
  • Searched the topic in the Kajabi Facebook Group
  • Asked my fellow Kajabians in the group (and Support is always there if I need them too!)

I was so impressed with Kajabi that I decided to become a paid member and am slowly transitioning (between doing VA client work) everything from this site and another new site I was starting in WordPress …. over to my new Kajabi site! I’m so excited at the possibilities with Kajabi for selling my virtual assistant services along with the courses I’ll be offering soon (!).

Setting up my new site, products and offers, shopping cart, blog, and more has been so easy. Kajabi is intuitive and fun to use. I honestly have no complaints. They’re constantly making improvements and upgrades. Kajabi customer service is very responsive and helpful. Their Facebook group has grown into one of my favorites (and I’m in a LOT of them!). Everyone there is super supportive of each other and truly want you to succeed, to be a “Kajabi Hero” which is my goal for 2017! Other members share what’s worked for them, special coding hacks to make Kajabi do some trick things, and general motivation and support. I love it.

Bonus: Samples of Kajabi Sites

Whenever I come across a site built partially or in whole with Kajabi, I’ve been pinning it to this Pinterest board. So take a look if you like to see what’s possible! I’m putting everything on Kajabi but some people put just their products, services, and/or courses on Kajabi and link to it from their existing WordPress site. This might be a great option for you, especially if you have a very established site that would be a huge project to move over.

New Kajabi: My Services

I love Kajabi so much, I’ve decided to make Kajabi set-up and maintenance a signature service! At this point, I’m very up front in saying that I am new to Kajabi and still learning about it. So if you want super-advanced crazy stuff done with NK, I may not be your girl (yet!). But if you need assistance with the everyday average stuff in New Kajabi, I can help.

As I say about all my VA services, I can’t possibly know everything about everything; mainly because software and systems are constantly being updated and improved. But what I DO know is that I love to learn, I’m a fabulous researcher, I have lots of techy friends to help me, and I always find the answer :) I don’t charge clients for my “learning” time, just my “doing” time. In other words, if I don’t know how to do what you need in New Kajabi, I can figure it out (on my own time) or possibly refer you to someone else if it’s an advanced task.

So if you’re using or want to implement Kajabi for your online business but you don’t have the time or inclination to learn and DIY, please let me help.

Kajabians sometimes ask what exactly I can do to assist them with Kajabi so here are some examples of tasks I’ve already done:


  • You pick a theme or overall look for your site and I’ll get it started
  • We can collaborate to make it look the way you want
  • Set up your custom domain with your domain provider + CloudFlare
  • Connect your social media accounts and place icons on your site


  • Set up info for SEO and social media sharing
  • Implement Disqus or Facebook comments on blog posts
  • Narrow down key words and set up your Categories
  • Move your best blog posts over from your old site to Kajabi

Courses / Products / Offers

  • Help choose the best theme to offer your course content
  • Set up free and paid courses, products, e-books, and configure offers (i.e., bundles, discounts, packages, etc.)
  • Set up coupon codes

Canva for Work

  • Help you create opt-ins or update/utilize the ones you already have
  • Choose images for your Kajabi site and resize as needed (Kajabi has suggested image sizes to maximize appearance on your site)
  • Create a branding sheet including your colors (hex codes), fonts, logos, headers, etc. to keep a consistent look on your site and within all your products, courses, opt-ins, etc.


  • Set up your pixel in Facebook, then set up FB pixel tracking in Kajabi
  • Implement Facebook Comments within your Kajabi site and blog


  • Create forms and set up opt-ins around your website to gather subscribers/members
  • Implement free and paid products and upsells
  • Set up freebies
  • Create an affiliate program including a payout set up


  • Convert or create pages: About, Contact, T&Cs, Disclosure
  • Set up a Resources page for all your freebies, latest news/updates, affiliate links, etc.
  • Personalize menu and navigation


  • Strategize with you about what current services can be moved over to Kajabi so you can cancel them and save money!

So those are just some ideas; it’s not an all-inclusive list of course.


For now, my usual virtual assistant pricing will apply for any Kajabi services. All the information is on my Rates and Services page. I also offer the option of doing a Virtual VIP Day which I would highly suggest if you’re starting from scratch with New Kajabi or need a lot of work done with it and maybe some adjacent services.

Here’s why I say that. Sure, you can purchase my 10-hour retainer. But the realities of how this turns out, with both of us running businesses and being busy women, is it can take 2-3 weeks or more to get your goals accomplished. There’s the back-and-forth communication that inevitably leads to delays that neither of us like :)

With a Virtual VIP Day, we’d block off a 6-hour day to work together and just zip through your set-up and get it all done so you can move forward … and start making money! So I guess when you think of it that way, the VIP Day is the better value overall :) {And if a 6-hour block is not possible with your schedule, we can break it down into two 3-hour days or whatever works for you}.

Once I get to an expert level with Kajabi, I’ll have higher prices for these services – so now is a good time to get in, if cost is a concern :) The Virtual VIP Day price will remain the same, even as my Kajabi expertise improves.

Need a Consultation / Have Questions?

Not sure if Kajabi* is for you? Want to see if we’re a good fit to work together or if I can help with any other tasks you need assistance with? Please reach out via e-mail or schedule a free 30-minute discovery call via my Contact Page. I look forward to speaking with you and discussing how I can help your business!

*Save 15% on Kajabi if you use this referral link! Just another way I will save you money, LOL :D

7 thoughts on “My Review of New Kajabi (and Can I Help?)

    • Hi Louise! Thanks so much for this question. First, let me say that what I like better about Simplero is their e-mail capabilities. Kajabi keeps improving theirs but as of now (March 2018), they’re still inferior to Simplero’s. I also have to praise Simplero’s customer service; it is second to none. That said, I think I prefer Kajabi a little or a lot in all other aspects. I find it easier to build and design things in Kajabi because they give more templates and/or an easier starting point whereas Simplero is more of a blank slate. If you’re great with graphics or have a graphic designer on your team, that’s not a problem. But I like Kajabi better because they pre-design the page and I just choose what blocks I want to use, drop in an image or logo, and I’m done. Another factor for me was cost. Simplero’s lowest tier is lower priced than Kajabi’s lowest tier but they’re not apples to apples. To get in Simplero what you get in Kajabi Basic, you have to bump up to the second tier and then you’re up to $149/mo vs Kajabi $109 with my affiliate discount. There are more but those are the 2 main reasons I switched. If you ever want to chat specifics, feel free to e-mail me … Thanks!

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