Medical Transcribing Gone All Kindsa’ Wrong

This older article came across my feed today and I had to share it.


As a medical transcriber for many years, I cringed HOARD! These errors are an embarrassment to the profession. Aye yie yie!

I will say that I’ll bet many of them were made because of something transcriptionists use called “text expanders.” This is where you have a shortcut (like an Autocorrect in Word) for a word or phrase you use often; it’s an overall HUGE timesaver.

For example, I use text expanders for words like “hepatosplenomegaly” and often-used sentences like “This is a well-developed, well-nourished woman in no acute distress.” With text expanders, my typing speed could go from 80 words a minute to around 100 so they’re very useful.

But they’re dangerous, too. And I’m thinking (hoping!) expanders are what caused a lot of the embarrassing errors in this article. Another possibility is that the clinician just dictated that way and the transcriptionist either didn’t catch it or didn’t question and fix it.

Either way, it’s a fun read that will make you LOL – like, literally :D

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