Listen While You Work at Home: Farideh the Singing (and Funny!) Marketer


Have you met Farideh Ceaser yet?  I found her when she was a podcast guest for KELLY McCAUSEY, who I love and adore.  {Kelly’s taught me so much about working online from home and is the reason I finally saw this as a possiblity}.

Farideh is a singer who, while marketing her music career, found she liked the business aspect so much, she decided to marry the two into a new career.

In support of her marketing biz, she posts funny, short, but informative videos to her YOUTUBE channel.

I started out with her video “Get Back to Work, Girl” {no, that’s not me, nuh uh, I don’t do that . . . } and ended up watching all of her videos Sunday afternoon.  It didn’t take long; like I said, they’re pretty quick.

But if you need a laugh on a busy day, check out Farideh’s videos and give ’em a listen while you work at home.  Enjoy!

PS:  Farideh also has a PODCAST.  I haven’t listened yet but I’m checking that out for sure!

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