How Do You Get Through Doing the Work You HATE?

In THIS article at WOMEN’S AGENDA, one of the tips given is to hire the dreaded work out to a virtual assistant (VA) . . . like me :)

The article has some other great suggestions, too.

“Women’s Agenda” is a site geared toward working women and I really enjoy the articles and support they provide. This is a good topic for them because we “working women” tend to feel we have to do it ALL. But, I promise, there’s nothing wrong with handing off unpleasant, time-consuming tasks like these to someone else:

– Wait on terminal hold to straighten out the overcharge on your bill

– Enter and update all your contacts (name, mobile phone, e-mail, website, etc.)

– Post or schedule social media to build your business and increase engagement

– Go through your blog or website and fix dead links, delete outdated information, etc.

– Transcribe your work meetings into easy-to-refer-to notes

– Make travel plans and bookings with a nice schedule provided

Virtual Assistants (VA’s) can do all of this for you and more.

Example 1: Say you spend $45 so I can put 1 hour toward setting up affiliate accounts for you and inserting affiliate links on your website. Then in the first 2 weeks, you make $90 in affiliate income. Didn’t I just *EARN* you $45?!?!? Not to mention all the affiliate income in subsequent months. That’s called “return on investment (ROI)”, people! It’s a beautiful thing.

Example 2: You hire me for 4 hours this month ($180) to do social media posts about your product, service, blog, etc. Over those 30 days, your traffic increases 45%, you get 70 new followers, 20 new e-mail subscribers, and sell 18 e-books at $4.99 each. The increased engagement continues into future months/years and your sales increase in general. Didn’t my services just pay for themselves? Indeed-y, they did.

You and I can build a lasting relationship where I start to anticipate what you need and just DO it, or you can try me out with a one-off task and see how much relief that brings!

Because goodness knows, we’re all super busy and – why waste your valuable time doing tasks you hate to do?

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Please do reach out via my CONTACT page. Let me take over some of the work you hate :)

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