This video is geared more toward start-uppers and less toward creative entrepreneurs. But I still think you’re going to see yourself in here several times, from being attached to your MacBook 24/7 to drinking bulletproof coffee to fortify your long hours. Even though we all work only a 4-Hour Workweek, right?

This is the first I’ve heard of the creator, Matt Giovanisci. He posted a link to his video in an online business group I’m in. Not only is his video SO well-done and entertaining, it’s a genius marketing move.

Why? Because he created hugely shareable content, made us laugh at him and ourselves, and included specific things online entrepreneurs can identify with:

– Checking your phone in the restroom
– Taking Uber so even car trips are productive
– Working at the playground, the bowling alley, even the office supply store (okay, extreme examples but I bet they reminded you of an inappropriate place YOU have broken out the laptop!)
– Paying those dang quarterly taxes
– Work-at-home wear
– Mastermind groups

So enjoy the video. I’ve already watched it a few times so I could catch all his references. And, Matt, amazing job and thank you for sharing your talent with us. I’m not your ICA but I’ll follow you anyway. Well done, my friend. Well done.

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