How to Get 50 Quality Comments on Your Blog

Here’s all you have to do: Join me for the FREE Commentathon Event happening February 19-26, 2014 hosted by

Yeah, you read that right: It’s free. As in “nada, zilch, zero” cost to you. Well, it will cost you in time but SO worth it.

Here’s what you do:

1. Go to and click this icon in the right sidebar:

2. By Wednesday, 12-12-14 at 11:59 pm EST, leave a comment on that post saying you want to participate.

3. Start writing an EPIC POST {linkee has some cursing, forgive!}.

4. By Monday, 02-17-14 at 11:59 PM EST, post that epic something on your blog.

5. By Wednesday, 02-19-14 in the morning, absolutely have it posted because Blogelina needs your live link.

6. On Thursday, 02-20-14, expect an e-mail from Blogelina with instructions.

The event goes through 02-26-14 so I assume that means you have about 6 days to post comments on 50 other blogs. But the super kewl part is that YOUR blog will also receive 50 comments! Fifty meaningful comments, not just “Great Post” or “Good Job.”

Blogelina has done Comment-a-Thon events like this in the past but they called for 100 comments so I couldn’t participate. Leaving 50 comments is going to be time-consuming enough but I’m determined to do it! There are 4 reasons:

1. I have a new blog and I want to spread the word.

2. The deadline will give me a kick in the pants to write a great post.

3. I love getting Comments!!

4. I look forward to discovering new blogs and reading 50 quality posts from fellow bloggers.

For virtual assistants, what a great way to get the word out about your website and the services you offer. For businesses, isn’t this an effective way to bring traffic to your site so they can see what you have to offer?

It’s a win-win, baby! So, would you like to join me? Wouldn’t you love to get 50 great comments on your blog in less than 1 week? Just sign up HERE.

PS: While you’re on Blogelina’s site, check out all the amazing content she offers for free in addition to some great, affordable services for bloggers. And at the “epic” link above is another great site to check out!

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