Do You Want to Build WordPress Sites for Yourself or Clients?


Yeah, me too!

So I wanted to share the information about this new course I just signed up for. It’s called “WordPress Builder Bootcamp” and it starts 04-08-14.

There are 6 weekly sessions, all on Tuesdays at noon PST.

This timing works out great for me because I’m in PST so I’ll grab a green smoothie and attend on my lunch hour. That said, if I ever can’t make the live sessions, everything is recorded so I can watch later as time allows. Even if I catch the live sessions, I’ll probably rewatch them more than once to absorb and cement everything :)

The weekly classes are 90 minutes long and there’s a bonus Q&A 60-minute session. There is homework so you can put into practice what you’ve learned; also, reference materials, e-mail support, and even an emblem of course completion I can display on my VA website :)

The greatest thing about this class is that it’s geared toward virtual assistants like me who want to:

1. Build and work on my own WordPress site

2. Build and work on WordPress sites for clients

I’ve used WordPress for 7 years but mostly for fun. I don’t have any formal training in WP; I just look things up online or try until I figure something out.

This course – “WordPress Builder Bootcamp” – will change all of that. Here’s what I’ll learn to do, according to the sales page for the course:

Install WordPress on any Hosting Service
Create a development site to build WordPress websites
Work with different themes
Add and configure widgets & plugins
Work in the theme editor
Understand basic HTML & CSS
Work with your client to select a theme
Manage the whole process!

I already know how to do some of these tasks but a refresher and official instruction surely won’t hurt. I’m most excited to learn NEW things like creating a development site, editing themes, and doing some basic HTML & CSS. I’ll also learn how to structure packages, set up templates, manage the project, set up a development website, train the client, and close out the project.

The class is put on by Susan Mershon aka The Techie Mentor. I just love her website, free classes, and everything she offers. Techie Mentor is WordPress and social media knowledge geared specifically toward Virtual Assistants. She also offers classes and resources for things like: 1ShoppingCart, Google Apps, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, and Project Management. I’ll definitely be back to take more Techie Mentor classes!

As a virtual assistant and blog helper who supports businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers, it’s important for me to be super comfortable with WordPress. I believe it’s THE best platform out there and will always highly recommend a self-hosted WordPress site to anyone who asks, including clients.

I’m so excited to take this class! I feel it will set me apart from other VAs out there because I’ll be able to offer a service – building WordPress websites – that others can’t. I love the mindset of working to get paid by the project instead of by the hour, especially knowing what people are charging to build WordPress websites!

When I book my first WordPress website client, this course will have paid for itself.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement about taking this cool class. If you’re a VA or blogger or business owner who thinks this course could be helpful to you, I sincerely hope you’ll join me. Just click on THIS LINK to sign up lickety split (or take your time looking it over, your choice, LOL).

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