Creative Live Class Review: “Embrace the Ugly; How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business”

I had this class playing online today while I was transcribing and doing virtual assistant (VA) work.  It was taught by Kim Werker and was free for the initial broadcast; it’s $29 to purchase which you can do HERE and then watch it anytime you want.  If you buy the class, you also get Kim’s “Year of Making” e-book for free which is a $12 value.  After today, the permanent price becomes $39 but if you hurry, you can still catch it for free.


Kim is “a writer, editor, maker, podcaster, and speaker.”  She also does a project called Mighty Ugly, which is about embracing the dark parts of creativity.  She’s the author of “Make It Mighty Ugly: Exercises & Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain’t Pretty”:

make it mighty ugly


Here are some notes & things I learned from “Embrace the Ugly: How to Break Through What’s Holding You Back in Business” by Kim Werker:

She participates in and invites others to try #yearofmaking.  It’s about embracing imperfection, trying new things, being creative, sharing your imperfect results, and making creativity a habit.

Make a list of your super powers – what are you really good at?  Add to it all the time.

Your ugly voice talks to you all the time.  “I don’t know what you were thinking.”  “Who do you think you are?” “Why do you think YOU have the authority to be talking to others about this?” etc.  In the chat room, people shared what their ugly voice was saying to them and I identified with one who said, “My ugly voice told me not to take this class today, although I blocked out time to do it, because I’m not a creative business owner so who am I to think I belong here?”  

Yep, that’s exactly what mine said.  I love creative people, I work with a lot of them, and I have a successful blog about a creative craft but I’m ONLY a writer and blogger and assistant to creatives.  I’m not A CREATIVE so I often feel the need to justify taking Creative Live classes.  (Hmm, to whom?  Other attendees?  Creative Live? Myself?)

Attendees gathered craft supplies and made an “ugly” object, the point being to listen to their ugly voice as they went along.  The outcome was interesting, as they all shared their thought processes throughout the project.

I was only able to listen off and on for the rest of the day, then caught a little bit more on the replay (Creative Live runs free replays a time or two immediately following their live classes).  The overall point seemed to be about fighting perfectionism, embracing the “ugly” parts of ourselves and our creative process, and fighting (and winning) against the negative self-talk and even outside criticism that can hold us back.

I really enjoyed this class.  Kim Werker is a fast-talking, empathetic, intuitive, kind instructor who was able to draw quite personal insights from not only her students in the classroom but also from those in the CreativeLive chat room.  People were talking down the ugly voices, creating comebacks to them, and setting some major goals.

To paraphrase Kim, it’s a Photoshop world where everything can seem “perfect” and who are we to insert our creativity into that?  But perfection is an illusion and we all deserve a space in the creative world :)  Embrace your ugly!

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