Ask VACreativelycom: “What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) and Why Do I Need One?”

As a virtual assistant (VA), I get asked a lot of questions. So I’m going to start a series here on my blog called “Ask VA Creatively” where you can ask anything you want about virtual assistants . . . and I will answer!

The most common question I get is: “What IS a VA and why do I need one?”

Think of a VA as an online personal or administrative assistant. We can do anything – and I mean ANYTHING – that doesn’t require face-to-face interaction. We can order dog food to be delivered to your house, we just can’t walk your dog, LOL. VA’s are so handy and I personally think everyone needs their own :)

{Did you read “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”. Just don’t get a VA like Manjula Kapoor, LOL}.

Mentally go through your day and think about all the tasks you do, especially the ones you hate, feel are a waste of your time, or annoy you in some way.

– Place Amazon orders for your coffee, toiletries, Kindle books, and batteries
– Make regular, interesting posts to social media to engage your customers
– Order concert tickets for that show you want to see this summer
– Make a website for your business, hobby, club, or non-profit
– Send birthday cards to friends and relatives
– Pretty much anything else you can think of

Now think about all the things you could do if you paid someone else to perform those tasks.

– Spend time with your family
– Exercise (like you always say you’re going to do but you’re “too busy”)
– Work on your product instead of trying to sell it (write that e-book, make crafts, develop your unique idea, etc.)
– Read all those Kindle books :)
– Put your time and effort into the things only YOU can do

Virtual Assistants are here to help you do whatever needs to be done. There are VA’s out there for every possible task, you just need to find the right one for you. Here’s an example of some specialities:

– Real Estate VAs: Maintain listings, take photos, follow-up client calls, etc.
– Social Media VAs: Create and implement your social media strategy, schedule posts, analyze engagement and provide you with reports, etc.
– Admin VAs: Transcribe meeting notes or seminars, typing/editing/proofreading, make business travel arrangements, maintain email inbox, etc.
– Blog Helper VAs: Take or find photos for posts, write copy, find PLR, affiliate links, blog design and maintenance, auto-responders, etc.
– Personal Assistant VAs: Make personal travel arrangements, online shopping, personal mail handling, sit on hold with the electric company, etc.

See what I mean? Virtual Assistants can do anything. Everybody needs one because they free up your time to focus on the things you want and like to do, the things that will move your personal and business life forward.

For example, I can do all of the tasks listed above (although real estate is not in my background, so I wouldn’t be your first choice for that). I’m currently doing social media for one client, helping with a book tour for another, and transcribing for several more. I’m always looking for new clients so please CONTACT ME if I can be of help.

Now it’s your turn: Do you have a question for VA Creatively? It can be about virtual assisting, social media, blogging, etc. I’m happy to answer!

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