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Hi, I’m Erika Friday and it’s so nice to meet you!  I hope we get to work together.


But you probably want to know a little bit about me first, huh?  You’re likely  in a rush – business people are BUSY! –  so I’ll keep it short:

– Work-at-home wife and mom

– Former retail worker, admin worker, program analyst, and 9-1-1 dispatcher

– Currently a virtual assistant, marketer, transcriber, blogger, and writer

– Small business owner (so I totally “get it” … I know what you’re dealing with)

– Hard worker with a positive attitude

– I love taking photos, spending time with my family, reading novels, baseball, the beach, and music.

{I also love to organize things but I don’t know if I should tell you that in case you question my sanity}.


virtual assistant
freephotocc / Pixabay

I have a home office with everything I need (BONUS!  I pay to maintain these so you don’t have to):

– PC and Mac, laptops and desktop, iPad, iPhone

– Digital transcription software, foot pedals, noise-canceling headphones, and HIPAA-secure way to transmit files

– Fax / printer / scanner

– Landline, separate fax line, and mobile phone

– Gmail, G-Suite, Google Voice, Google Drive, etc.

– Accounts with Dropbox, Trello, Canva for Work, Zoom, etc.

Please contact me HERE and let’s get this thing started! I’m on the West Coast in the PST.



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