Angelle Batten & Jill Tanis

We’ve been working with Erika since early 2016 and she’s been a HUGE blessing to us. She is professional and goes above and beyond whenever we ask her to do something for us. She jumped right in as we launched our signature 14-Day Seasonal Reset Program and helped us with all the details and customer service. Since then we count on Erika to help us run all of our programs. We love that she always gets back to us quickly and keeps us updated on her progress and her hours. We would highly recommend Erika as your VA!

Richard Deutsch

Thanks for your help today.  You were unbelievable! I had trudged along trying to get my site up and running by myself, with little success and plenty of frustration. In a few hours, we made more progress than I had made myself in a week. With your understanding of the Kajabi platform, I’m sure I’ll be calling on you again when I’m ready for more enhancements. Thanks again for getting me up and running so quickly!

Stephanie Gordon

Erika is a joy to work with. She is both a quick worker and a good communicator. Like most people, I struggle to edit my own writing and typos are quite embarrassing in business. That said, I so appreciate having the peace of mind knowing that if I need a tough editorial eye, I can turn to Erika for an A+ critique.

Adam Shostack

After arranging my own book tour in February, I hired Erika to help me with a tour in June. The June tour was still arduous, but far less stressful, because Erika managed coordination with each venue, including helping me make tradeoffs and schedule decisions. She did so professionally, responsibly and within budget. Coordination, confirmation emails (at least one of which was crucial as I’d misread an email) and managing details like bio/abstract/photo all went more smoothly because Erika took care of them. When I have more projects like this, I hope to work with Erika again.

Elizabeth Henson

Erika has been a pleasure to work with! She saved me during my busiest time of the year with such a generous attitude and professionalism. I can’t wait to continue working with her as my business evolves. I would highly recommend her to other entrepreneurs!

Dr. Juliana Morris

Working with Erika was an extraordinary experience on transcribing videos for my e-course. She was quick, professional, and delivered such quality work. She was very easy to communicate with and very reliable. I also greatly appreciated her nonjudgmental approach as I was in the initial stage of a project and concerned about letting someone see the unpolished version of it. She was fantastic. I look forward to working with her again in the near future. I recommend her highly.

Rebecca Villarreal

Erika is so much more than a VA. As a fellow graduate of B-school, she has grown into my right hand, other half of my brain collaborator and high-level strategist. When I don’t know how to do something or I need a solution, I know I can count on her.

Lindsay Pera

Erika stunned our team with her proactive approach, creativity and professionalism. She stepped in at a time when we were experiencing growth and strain and managed her way to excellent results and new relationships for our company. Across both outreach and social media platforms, her work resulted in both super high quality content as well as increased engagement. Stellar…

Juliet Clark

Erika works independently without a lot of supervision, which is a plus for me. I am so busy publishing for my clients and coaching, that I don’t have much time for directing tasks. She thinks about the best way to accomplish tasks, makes suggestions for improvement, and asks questions when necessary. She is truly a treasure to work with.


Erika is one smart cookie to have on your team and I highly recommend her!Not only is she efficient, timely and detail oriented, she also poses intelligent questions enabling you to see your work through a different set of eyes. Erika is clear in her communication and delivers the agreed work on time. Furthermore she makes sure to inform you ahead of time of her availabilities so you can plan around it. She is proactive, professional and delivers high quality work whether it be transcribing, social media posts or blog edits.